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Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine

Specialty Society Awards

The Humanism in Medicine Award at the Association of American Medical Colleges

Humanism and Excellence in Teaching


As part of their Student Clinician's Ceremony, third year students select up to six residents to receive The Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award (online application), based on their demonstrated commitment to teaching and compassionate treatment of patients and families, students and colleagues. Each award winner is presented with a certificate, a specially designed gold lapel pin and a check for $250 from The Gold Foundation.

For a list of winners, please click the corresponding year below (a PDF will open in a new window):

2013 HETA Winners


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Selection of awardees
Nominations are usually solicited from the third year class at the end of each clerkship and at the end of the clinical year. Each school will need to create a fair and objective method of selecting the resident award recipients. For example, the top 20 are further pared down by a second vote of the third-year class. An impartial committee of second year students leads this process.

Alternatively, awards can be based on a simple vote of the third year class, adapting explicit criteria for humanistic behavior as teachers and role models, such as those prepared by The Arnold P. Gold Foundation for selection of the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Awards, given each year to graduating seniors and faculty members at more than 80 schools nationwide.

Notification and Presentation of Award
A letter is sent to relevant Chairpersons and Program Directors informing them of the resident winners and nominees in their department, and inviting them to the ceremony. All residents are informed about the honorees and appropriate publicity is sought to inform the local medical community of the honor bestowed. Schools print posters with pictures of the winners announcing the award and the ceremony, and display them in high traffic areas of the hospital and school. Presentation of the awards takes place during the Student Clinician's Ceremony (SCC). Usually a few words are said, or written in the program, about why each resident was chosen by his/her students, and the resident then has a few moments to address the incoming third year students.

Click here for an online Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award application

Once a Student Clinician's Ceremony has been established at a medical school, The Gold Foundation will continue to provide up to six Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Awards each year. Grant agreements are sent out to participating schools in late winter, schools need to submit an on-line form for the awards at least four weeks prior to their SCC.

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